A lightweight implementation of Agile

The lia meeting

Every sprint starts and ends with the lia meeting. In this meeting the team answers the following questions:

What have you accomplished in this past sprint?
The team and the project manager look at the work completed in the sprint and the latter confirms that the clients have signed off on the completion of the User Stories. Ideally, this question will consume the least amount of time, because all requirements have already been checked by the project manager and signed off by the client.

What are you committing to finish next sprint?
After reviewing the past sprint, the team then commits to a new iteration, drawing, discussing and estimating new User Stories from the backlog. This question can take as long as it needs. If you find it consuming too much time, you can call for so-called backlog grooming sessions that explicitly look at the upcoming User Stories for discussion and estimation.

What is impeding you?
This question is easily the most important, because it allows the team to identify shortcomings in the process and/or bottle necks that need addressing. The team reflects on the past week and identifies the greatest problems, deciding how to solve them for the future. Nobody is blamed, the process is entirely result-oriented. The team also commits to keeping the discussions during this part or the meeting confidential. lia lives through the constant improvement leveraged through this question.